torsdag 30. desember 2010

@ the hairdresser

I went to the hairdresser yesterday.
I got foilstipes in all of my hair. She wove out hair, and together it was 44(!) foils. Then she added a shade and cut it. Anyone wanna guess how much I spent on those 3 hours in at the hairdresser?

1790NOK. That's like 225Euros. I suddenly understood why I stoped going in the first place. But it was worth it I guess. Happy with the result, and really nice hairdresser. Cebrina, Gran, is the only place I've been happy with my hair EVERY time I left, so I've kept going back there.

Picture is coming later.

I'm so excited by the way, I'm leaving for Holland in 14 hours!

How much is the most you ever spent on a hairdresser?

fredag 24. desember 2010

Merry Christmas too you.

Today it's christmas! And in Norway, this is the day we eat traditional dinner, and then open gifts in the evening. I can't really say I have the christmas spirit, and I really miss that.

Merry Cristmas too you all!

søndag 19. desember 2010

What have I done today?

Fixed the blog
Gone shopping with Thomas
Made dinner
Started packing
Had a tan
Lost and regained my phone
Talked to Kevin
Tried to memorize some Dutch with great help from Marilou.

Dankjewel voor de hulp.♥

I did alot today! Helps to get up early(a)

Adorable Marilou.♥

Corn vs. mais.
Marilou chooses mais!
You really are cute, hun.♥

Zofies Verden

There's this Norwegian comic that I love, and it's called "Zofies Verden" which means "Zofie's World". It's bizzare and wierd and it's really dry jokes, but I can't help loving it. Camilla sendt me this one the other day and I had to laugh.

"Don't talk to my wife please" "I said don't talk to my wife! It's my wife!"

Don't tell me to explain it. All I need to say is that their humour is somewhat childish.♥

Early up

Last night I fell asleep infront of the fireplace when the times was right past 9pm. Woke up again at 10 and decided to go to bed and I actually DID it!

I wonder when I did that last time? Anyways, woke up 8am and decided to get up and clean my room, because it desperately need it, and when I came in there it was freezing (I sleep in Birge's room when he's not home, 'cuz my bed is in there, and it's alot better than the sleeping choughe in my room xD). So I ended up going to Birge's room on my computer instead. The plan is to slack here until my room is heated up, then clean my room and start packing for my trip to Holland, 'cuz I LEAVE IN 1 WEEK AND 3 DAYS.♥

After that I'm going to get a tan, and try out my New Years outfit, makeup and hairstyle!

What are you doing today?

lørdag 18. desember 2010

My femininity is back!♥

Somewhere along the way I stoped caring, about if my makeup was ok,how my hair looked, if I even looked like a girl! And I mean, there's nothing wrong with that, as long as you're comfortable with it, and I was.

But I stoped caring for my self and the urge to feel like I look good is back!
I want to color my hair, spend a bit more time on my makeup, get a natural tan, have spanights and so on, anyone guess why?

I even got hooked on smells. and there are three smells I don't wanna be without.

The Body Shop - Coconut Body Milk

The smell is incredible, it kinda reminds me of the summer. It goes quickly into the skin, and leaves it soft. I mainly use it because of the smell. In my oppinion it's a bit expencive, but that smell makes it worth it!

The Body Shop - Honey Moisturising Conditioner

I discovered this conditioner while washing Birges nieces hair. She has propper afro-curls, and get's real knots in her hair. When I used this conditioner, the knots disapears along with the water when I cleanced it out!

It does wonders to your hair, and it smells insanly good. Also a bit pricy. but worth it!

Britney Spears - Midnight Fantasy Perfume

Smells kinda excotic. I adore this smell, and it gets even better with the Body Shop Coconut Body Milk!

When I get my nex paycheck, I'm getting my self some other yummies from The Body Shop!
Shower Gel, Body Butter & Body Scrub, all in the Coconut series.

I laughed when I saw this comercial by the way.

At the end I just want to thank Kevin. You made me want to look and smell as good as I possibly can, even tho I know you love me no matter what.
Thank you handsome, I love you so much.

What's your favourite smell/product?

fredag 17. desember 2010


I saw this add on facebook for this site called

And of course I fell in love. I want new snowboard, bindings, shoes, laces, goggles, pants, jacket and hat, I want it all - in pink.
Milford Sound in New ZealandMilford Sound in New ZealandMilford Sound in New ZealandMilford Sound in New ZealandMilford Sound in New Zealandmilford

But buying from Norweian sites is kinda expencive, so thank God for ebay. I have no ide how much I spend on Ebay each year, but every thing is worth it, cuz you get stuff so cheap!

Anyone want to sponsor me with new gear for christmas ?(A)

lørdag 11. desember 2010

Shopping in Oslo

Today I got up at 7am (!!!), had a shower and went to Oslo. Along with me I had Camilla and Thomas. We shopped for gifts, and ended up buying some for ourselves aswell.

Milford Sound in New Zealand

This is me and Thomas eating candy in a store!

Milford Sound in New Zealand

While Camilla is making funny faces. She's so cute.♥

Milford Sound in New Zealand

Look what they did to Oslo Central Station! It's so pretty.

After 4 hours of good shopping, we went home. I haven't laughed so much in such a long time!

We agreed on meating up 25. Descember for a Scary Movie marathon. I can't wait!
I love you guys.♥

What did you do today?

onsdag 8. desember 2010

Adorable Tiggers.

Ahaha, I laughed so hard. I love Disney-movies.

The wonderfull things about Tiggers is tiggers are wonderfull things.
Theirs tops are made out out of rubber, their bottoms are made out of springs.
They're bouncy trouncy flouncy pouncy
Fun fun fun fun fun
The wonderfull thingsw about tiggers is that I'm the only one.

What Disney movie is your favourite?

tirsdag 7. desember 2010

November Paycheck

I got my paycheck yesterday. Yay!
Not telling how much I got tho, mwuhaha!

But seriously, I did so good! I put 1000Euros on savings!
I'm so proud of myself. :D

That meas 30% of the totall amount of 3300 Euros.