søndag 19. desember 2010

Early up

Last night I fell asleep infront of the fireplace when the times was right past 9pm. Woke up again at 10 and decided to go to bed and I actually DID it!

I wonder when I did that last time? Anyways, woke up 8am and decided to get up and clean my room, because it desperately need it, and when I came in there it was freezing (I sleep in Birge's room when he's not home, 'cuz my bed is in there, and it's alot better than the sleeping choughe in my room xD). So I ended up going to Birge's room on my computer instead. The plan is to slack here until my room is heated up, then clean my room and start packing for my trip to Holland, 'cuz I LEAVE IN 1 WEEK AND 3 DAYS.♥

After that I'm going to get a tan, and try out my New Years outfit, makeup and hairstyle!

What are you doing today?

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