søndag 28. november 2010

Visit from Holland!♥

On friday, 7'o clock, Kevin arrived Gardermoen Airport, Oslo.

Milford Sound in New Zealand

I was standig outside the arrivalgate, waiting for him. It was so good seeing him again! We went back home and slept there until saturday. The plan was to go outside sledging early, but we fell asleep on the coughe. So when it got dark, we went out sledging with Camilla, Martin and Thomas. Then we stayed until 00.30 at Camilla's before we went home and made dinner.

Today Kevin went home. He went through the securitypoint at 19.30. It was so hard watching him leave. Thanks God me and Camilla is going back for new years!

I had a great weekend, now it's back to reality.

What did you do this weekend?

fredag 26. november 2010

BRB, Gardermoen!

Kevin is leaving Amsterdam, Schiphol soon, so I'm going to the airport to pick him up!
I can't wait :D

Btw, I'm so happy with my hairlook today. Random?

torsdag 25. november 2010

Saving money # 1

Do you want a new haircut? Screw the hairdresser! Do it your self!

Now, you might call me crazy, but tell me something I don't know.
It's not that hard! You need a steady hand, scisors, comb, some confidence and an instructionvideo!

This girl is amazing, and her directions are so easy! I followed them, and I was so pleased when I was done!

Don't be TOO confident tho, we don't you to cut of too much!

I haven't been to the hairdresser in a year. Imaginate how much money I've saved on that. I'm going to keep doing this at home. I'm also saving time, since it now takes me less than 30 min to finish.

I'm not going to claim that I'm a pro, or that my hair looks amazing when I'm done, but I seriously don't think it looks too bad.

(By the way, I don't usually cut my hair 8am in the morning, I just woke up early today! :O)

How much money do you spend on a hairdresser each year?

onsdag 24. november 2010

Home, Sweet Home

So me and the guy I'm living with have decided to move appart earlier than predicted.
So I'm moving back home to my parents. I'll be able to save even more money now!

No rent, no paying for food, just paying for a periodticket for the train so I can get to work.
Now my rent, electricity and food costs me 750euro (6000NOK) a month, the train will cost me no more than 185euro (1500NOK) a month. That might help me save even 4500NOK more a month!
I'll prolly move back home within March.

And another positive thing is that I get to spend my last couple of months with my family.

Are you still living at home?

mandag 22. november 2010

Laughing @ Norway

Kevin sent me this video on Dumpert.nl, and seriously, I laughed so hard!

So much of what he's saying is true, and he sounds like Petter Solberg, his English sucks xD
Anyway, just wanted to share so the rest of you can learn a bit about Norway!

Did you like fish and potatoes?

søndag 21. november 2010

Relaxing, 'cuz I deserve it.

I slept untill 2pm today, God, it felt so good!
I just got out of the shower. Gave myself a FULL body peel, facial peel, propper hair conditioner, facemask (is on at the moment) and now I'm giving myself a footbath. When I'm done, I'm going to soak myself into babyoil and talk to Ina, one of my best friends, because she's coming over in a few!

I'm going to do this once a week!

I feel so relaxed, and I sure need that now. Can't wait for Ina to come over. I gotta go find her Ipod-charger. I'm out!

Do you ever treat your body with some extra love?

lørdag 20. november 2010

I miss your love.♪

I don't like saturdays. Why? Because I'm usually alone then.
Why? I don't know. But I can't help think about being in NL, with my friends.
I didn't feel lonely for a second. I felt so included.I'm not used to that.

Point is: I miss u guys so terribly much!
I'm crying for fuck sake. I want to go back, right now.

I listened to Tim Berg - Bromance, and I herd that song in the car to the airport when I was going home. Doesn't make it easier

I need a hug.

Maria Mena - I miss your love.♪

torsdag 18. november 2010


Ragequit is a gaming term. And the meaning is in the word really.
I'm not quitting anything, just feels like I need a break at least. But I'm not getting one, not yet anyways.

When I came home from work yesterday, I went to the store, and I lost another bankcard (I just lost all of my own cards). So I walked back and forth trying to find it. Which I didn't. When I came home I was so exhausted I started crying actually. So I went to bed. I didn't even have the energy to make my self some dinner.

I woke up 8am this morning, which I never do, and I finaly feel rested now.

Motivation: Vacation 31. Descember - 11. November

And another motivating thing is that Kevin is coming over in a week. I can't wait!
I think I'm going to either sleep some more, or make breakfast now, time will show. Anyways, I'm out!

What's your best tips to relax?

mandag 15. november 2010


I'm tired of working, tired of waiting.
Thanks God I've got some amazing people keeping me up!

Motivation: Moving to Holland!
Milford Sound in New Zealand

Every day brings me closer, and each hour of work raise me a bit more money so I can reach me goal. In the mean time, I can also look forward to celebrating New Years in beautiful Koedijk, NL, with all of my beloved ones.
♥ I can't wait!

What are you doing on New Years?

søndag 7. november 2010

The Decision

I've made a decision. I wanna start over. I want clean sheets. And I wanna do it in The Netherlands.

Cuz I feel like I'm waiting for my life to start. I'm done waiting. I'm done waiting, I need to do something to get my life on a track I could enjoy.

How to do it?
Step by step.
1. Learn Dutch
2. Save up at least 20 000NOK (2500Euro)
3. Get an appartment in The Netherlands
4. Move to NL
5. Get a job in NL

Why The Netherlands?
I've got some amazing friends over there I miss terribly everyday.
I feel like I'm home there, with them. And I feel included and cared for.
I need that.

I fell in love with the country immediately. The houses, the roads, the nature, the language and most importantly - the people.

Are you sure about your decision?
Never been so sure my whole life. I can't stop smiling when I think about it.
I need it, and I want it. So I'm going to do it.

Why blog about it?
To sort out my thoughts. It's easier to understand yourself if you write about it.
Also, I can keep track on my "To Do's" before I leave. And it might also be easier for people around me to understand the situation as well.

Questions? Feel free to ask!