fredag 11. mars 2011

We ♥ Google translate

When you dont have enough to do, play with Google.

Google translate
Dutch: We hebben elkaar al vet lang niet gesproken!
> NOR: Vi har ikke snakket med hverandre i lang fett
> ENG: We have not talked each other for a long fat!

A long fat.♥

Norw.: Vi har ikke snakket på dritlenge
> ENG: We have not talked in a long time shit
> NL : We hebben niet gesproken in een lange tijd shit

A long time shit.♥

Now, let's see what Google says about "long fat"
Best (and first) link: Question: Do girls Prefer Long or fat weiners?
Best picture :

Too much spare time.<3

Party Hardy

Yesterday, I went out with Leroy to 't Kooltuintje. Had some beer, talked some shit before Kevin came over to join us.

Stayed there till appox 24, before me, Kevin, Leroy, Nino and (??? I suck at names) went to Joeys. There we met Niels aswell! Party hardy you say? We danced untill 2, and HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, I did not know my legs could hurt SO much from dancing. I guess 2 hours of nonstop, energetic dancing in heels kinda gets to you.But even tho the pain made me have issues walking, it was totally worth it, I have NEVER had that much fun dancing!

Today I'm supposed to go to the Taverne, but my thighs hurts so much that I'm almost not ale to stand, never the less walk. Hehaheha, but that wont stop me! I'll crawl if I have to!

Thanks too all you guys for taking me out, I had so much fun!♥

tirsdag 1. mars 2011


I've turned 20, and I had to have one last birthday in Norway, before I move.
More people than I thought showed up, and made my night unforgettable.

Sorry Katrine, but you're so cute.(A)

Colorfull guys and sweetass girls.♥

3 am! Still going!

Kevin approves of gifts!

Me and Line mixed a drink around 4am, and it was seriously SO good:
♥ One whole, peeled kiwi
♥ Fun-lemonade, Lime and Lemon-taste
♥ Sparkly water (Bonaqua)
♥ Liquor without taste

Mash the kiwi in a glass, pour in some liquor, and mix lemonade with sparkly water, and mix together, voila!

This is a night I'll remember forever, thanks to everyone who showed up, ILOVEYOUGUYS.♥


Finally done with moving. All our stuff is moved away from the appartment, we're done cleaning, and we have deliverd our keys. Huge relief.

Done working at Nille, another huge relief.

I've finally bought a "learn to speak Dutch"-program called "Transparent Dutch". It's been given 9/10, and are voted best learning program on the marked. It better be, cuz it was expencive as fuck. I'm going to make a post about the program itself.

What's going on in your life?♥