tirsdag 1. mars 2011


I've turned 20, and I had to have one last birthday in Norway, before I move.
More people than I thought showed up, and made my night unforgettable.

Sorry Katrine, but you're so cute.(A)

Colorfull guys and sweetass girls.♥

3 am! Still going!

Kevin approves of gifts!

Me and Line mixed a drink around 4am, and it was seriously SO good:
♥ One whole, peeled kiwi
♥ Fun-lemonade, Lime and Lemon-taste
♥ Sparkly water (Bonaqua)
♥ Liquor without taste

Mash the kiwi in a glass, pour in some liquor, and mix lemonade with sparkly water, and mix together, voila!

This is a night I'll remember forever, thanks to everyone who showed up, ILOVEYOUGUYS.♥

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