torsdag 30. desember 2010

@ the hairdresser

I went to the hairdresser yesterday.
I got foilstipes in all of my hair. She wove out hair, and together it was 44(!) foils. Then she added a shade and cut it. Anyone wanna guess how much I spent on those 3 hours in at the hairdresser?

1790NOK. That's like 225Euros. I suddenly understood why I stoped going in the first place. But it was worth it I guess. Happy with the result, and really nice hairdresser. Cebrina, Gran, is the only place I've been happy with my hair EVERY time I left, so I've kept going back there.

Picture is coming later.

I'm so excited by the way, I'm leaving for Holland in 14 hours!

How much is the most you ever spent on a hairdresser?

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