onsdag 12. januar 2011

New Years in Holland.♥

At 6.30 am 31. Descember my plane for Amsterdam left Gardermoen Airport.
I'd been looking forward to go back since the day I left Holland last time.
My plane landed at 8 am, and Kevin picked me up at the airport, and we took the train home.

In the evening we went to The Taverne in Bergen.

The place was loaded with people in a good mood.

After several rounds of bier, it was time to jump to Rage Against the Machine - Killing in the name of, and I'm proud to annonunce that I was the only girl in our group who kept on jumping through the entire song. Ridiculously exhausting, but well worth it!

Then it was time for Sjako - Hurt and Trio Bier - Betraande Glaasjes. Those two songs are the ultimate Taverne songs.♥ Everyone is screaming the lyrics, closing theire eyes and grouping up.

Then around 12pm we went outside and watched fireworks, and right past 12 Kevin said so adorable in Norwegian "Vil du være kjæresten min?" and of course I said yes! And for all of you that don't understand Norwegain it means Do u want to be my girlfriend?

Then everyone gave 3 kisses on the cheack to eachother, and we went back inside, sang some more until it was 2am, and then we left for the best kebab in the whole world.♥

This is deffinitivt the best new years I ever had.

How was your New Years Eve?

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