onsdag 12. januar 2011

New Years Dive

In Holland it's a tradition to do the so called Nieuwjaarsduik which mainly means this:

Me, Kevin, Ruurd, Tessa (Ruurds girlfriend) and a friend of hers went to Bergen aan Zee, to this beach.

It looks way colder in January, believe you me. We were there 5 min to late, soo everyone was out of the water when we arrived, but that didn't stop us! A couple of mins later we ran out in the 7 degree warm ocean and got our heads under water. Pretty damn cold!

[Picture will be uploaded later]

We got out of the water and got dressed and went up to a place where they gave away free soup and Jägermeister. Nice way to get the heat back in your body.

This is going to be a tradition when I live in Holland.

It was both mine and Kevin's first Nieuwjaarsduik.

Happy New Years everyone!

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